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Safer Solutions to Cleaning

Natural cleaning is safer cleaning. There are a number of safer solutions we can adopt to the use of harsh and possibly hazardous chemical cleaning products.

Your TOP FIVE Green Cleaning Tips! PDF Print E-mail

Bicarb of Soda We asked YOU for innovative, safe, green cleaning tips and recipes that have been road-tested by you, are easy to use and will encourage others to take up safer cleaning solutions. To all of you who sent in your ideas a very big ‘Thank you’!

Read on to learn about green cleaning with everything from lavender oil to bicarbonate soda and a bit of good old fashioned elbow grease.

Cleaning the Air on the Inside PDF Print E-mail
Margaret Burchett While we may consider that our home is our sanctuary the air we are breathing indoors is now more polluted than the air outside!  In addition it has been estimated that 90% of our time is spent indoors inhaling a variety of pollutants known as VOCs (Volatile organic compounds), which are found in plastics, synthetics, paints, furnishings glues, cosmetics and solvents to name a few.
Make Your Own Safer Solutions Cleaning Kit PDF Print E-mail

vinegar & bicarbonate of sodaA safer solution to cleaning is to make you own household cleaning kit... it  avoids the risks of some commercial products, especially if you or your children suffer from asthma, skin or other allergies.

Room by Room PDF Print E-mail

Bucket and mopThere are safer solutions for every room in your home. Let's go through them, room by room...

Hazard: the Air We Breathe PDF Print E-mail

Hazardous chemicals enter our bodies:

  • through direct contact
  • by being picked up on food and other things from contaminated surfaces in the kitchen, laundry and bathroom
  • in the case of children, from the things they pick up and suck and directly from the floors they crawl on.
Reducing the Hazards PDF Print E-mail
Here's a few simple steps we can take to reduce the hazards of common household chemicals.
Six Steps to Safer Cleaning PDF Print E-mail

It's easy to become a smarter household cleaner. Simply by changing the products, the tools and our cleaning practices, we make our homes healthier as well as clean.

Try these simple safer solutions to a clean, healthier home...

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