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The Safer Solutions initiative is part of the NSW Government’s environmental education program, Our Environment – It’s a Living Thing.  It is the first major government-NGO partnership in NSW to conduct an integrated program to promote sustainable living.

Recent Media Releases from Safer Solutions.

Easy Guide to Organic Gardening PDF Print E-mail

Total Environment Centre (TEC) today released the ‘Easy Guide to Organic Gardening’ at the showcase of the Integrated Sustainability Education Partnership Program. The new guide provides home gardeners with advice on how to avoid exposing themselves and their families to the harmful chemicals found in many synthetic pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides used in the garden.

Renovating or Greenovating? PDF Print E-mail
Renovations GuideSafer Solutions for Safer Renovations’ is Total Environment Centre’s (TEC) recently released guide to safeguarding a family's health by reducing chemical pollution from home renovations. It is designed to help renovators choose healthier and safer ways to ‘greenovate’ their homes.
New guide reveals common hazardous chemicals contained in everyday household products PDF Print E-mail

Easy GuideProduct labels are dense with chemical listings that mean nothing to most people.  The Total Environment Centre (TEC) today released The Easy Guide, designed to help consumers make more informed choices about hazardous chemicals to avoid, and provide safer, effective options.

Gardens designed by nature not chemicals PDF Print E-mail

Natural GardeningJerry Coleby-Williams one of Australia’s leading gardening experts, has now lent his support to the Total Environment Centre’s Safer Solutions website, by providing valuable content for gardeners who want to eliminate hazardous pesticides from their gardens.

Detox your Home a new brochure explains how PDF Print E-mail

ImageTotal Environment Centre is proud to announce the release of its new booklet, Detox Your Home: Easy Steps you can take for  Safer and Healthier Home . Filled with ideas on how to reduce the chemical load of your home.

Many modern day illnesses such as asthma, allergies and hyperactivity in children are now being linked to chemicals that we are exposed to daily within our homes.  It is now recognized that babies and young children are at the greatest risk from this chemical exposure.

For Healthy Children

Find out why your children need to be especially protected from common chemicals found in and around the home.

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Renovations Guide