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You can learn about introducing safer cleaning solutions from others who have already done it...

Greenovating in Inner Sydney

Suzanne and baby Starting a family and embarking on renovations go hand in hand for many Australians. But how many of us consider the health and environmental impacts associated with renovating? Minimising such impacts is what guided Suzanne and Graham when undertaking renovations on their inner Sydney cottage.

Bridget Gardner – Professional Green and Safe Cleaner

Bridget Gardner Even her dreams are clean!

When Bridget Gardner was looking for a career change five years ago, it was actually a dream she had that inspired her to look at cleaning as an option.  So she did investigate cleaning as a career and hasn’t looked back since.  The difficulty however, lay in the fact that at that time there was very little information available about chemical free cleaning, and green cleaning was perceived as being “Grandma’s recipes.”

Randwick Community Organic Garden: an oasis in the middle of the city

ImageHorticulturist Emma Daniell knows the secret to growing healthy plants and is only too happy to share her knowledge and experience with others.  As the volunteer coordinator at the Randwick Community Organic Garden, Emma works with members of the community who are interested in changing from traditional gardening methods to organic techniques.

At Lizzards Pre-School it’s not just the bush that’s green!

ImageNestled in the lower Blue Mountains near Springwood lies a one acre property home to the Lizzards Pre-School, owned and operated by Tony and Judy Sharpe.

Lizzards now in its twelfth year, caters for up to 29 pre-school children in long daycare.  The cleaning of the premises and feeding this active bunch is both a challenge and a delight for Tony, a chef, who encourages a healthy, organic diet whenever possible and a chemical free cleaning regime.

Keelah - smart, chemical-free cleaning in Manly

Kelaah LamKeelah Lam has cut her costs as well as her use of cleaning products.

When it comes to household cleaning, what I do is to use as little of any cleaning product as possible.

To wash the dishes I get a piece of old paper and use that to clean them before I put them in the wash. This avoids flushing all that oil down the drain and makes the dishes easier to wash. And the used paper? I put that into the compost. That way, I turn waste into plant fertiliser.

Rosemary - living simply and healthily

Rosemary MorrowRosemary Morrow is a Blue Mountains woman who has made the switch to safer household cleaning products.

For healthy and safe cleaning I have plain blocks of soap in bathroom, laundry and kitchen. I use micro-fibre hand mitts which require no chemicals at all - only water - for cleaning windows, floors, cupboard doors and so on.For wooden floors I use a plain broom and mop.

Tash - a clean and safe house for children

Tash MortonTash Morton is a young householder with two young children in Ballina NSW. For Tash, using safe cleaning products is nothing new.

I've used only low-toxicity cleaning products for more then 13 years now and I find they work just as well as most other cleaners, however they probably do require more elbow grease!

Other mothers will know that with two young children (aged two and a half years and eight months), keeping the house clean is very important.

Marian - a mother who does without toxic chemicals

I have always been slightly suspicious of the many products that are available to help with the endless task of housework and the message from the marketers of these products that we must annihilate all bacteria and keep our homes sterile, spotless and germ free.

For Healthy Children

Find out why your children need to be especially protected from common chemicals found in and around the home.

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