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For Healthy Children
Creating healthier schools and childcare environments PDF Print E-mail

ImageIt's now widely known that children's health is more at risk from exposure to chemicals than adults. It is essential therefore to ensure their environments are as chemical-free as possible. Because children spend a lot of time at school and in childcare, these environments need special attention.

Sources of common hazardous chemicals found in schools and childcare centres PDF Print E-mail

ImageChildren spend much of their formative years in schools and childcare centres. Your child can be exposed to hazardous chemicals in these environments. Here are some of the potential hazards to be aware of.

Why must children be protected from chemical hazards? PDF Print E-mail

ImageChildren are uniquely vulnerable to the impacts of harmful chemicals in their everyday environments. They are potentially exposed to a wide variety of hazardous chemicals everywhere they go including at home, in the car, at childcare and school, at work and in public places.

For Healthy Children

Find out why your children need to be especially protected from common chemicals found in and around the home.

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