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The Total Environment Centre’s Safer Solutions is committed to changing householder behaviour by increasing knowledge of the environmental, health and safety risks of hazardous household chemicals and by presenting safer alternatives.

The Safer Solutions campaign addresses three key areas of household haazardous chemical use:

  • in the home
  • in the garden
  • DIY renovation.

Young parents our main concern

One of the key target audiences is mothers of young children between 0 and 8 years.

Our objective is to educate and inform the community on:
  • how they can reduce and minimise their exposure by identifying risks
  • steps that can be taken to reduce or eliminate these risks.

The Safer Solutions ( website has been designed to provide easy-to-follow information on safer alternatives and practices, supported by scientific findings.

Our environment - a living thing

Safer Solutions is one of the partners of the NSW Government’s environmental education program, Our Environment – It’s a Living Thing (OEILT), which is designed to motivate and encourage people to adopt environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

The OEILT program has brought together the lead government and non-government agencies in a three-year partnership to deliver integrated community education on priority environmental issues.

The other partners in the Integrated Environmental Education Program (IEEP) are:

  • the Department of Environment and Conservation NSW
  • the Australian Conservation Foundation
  • NSW Nature Conservation Council
  • NSW Council of Social Services
  • Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability (DEUS).
For Healthy Children

Find out why your children need to be especially protected from common chemicals found in and around the home.

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