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One way you can reduce your impact on the environment and protect your family's health is to use less hazardous cleaning products in your home. It's not only smart but it can save you money.

Here's Safer Solutions 6 easy steps to safer cleaning

1. Use nature's natural solvent

Water is both a natural and powerful cleaner and is cheaper and safer to use than any household chemical cleaners. Try cleaning with water first.

Hint: Place a wet cloth on a grimey stove top and wait until the grime softens. It will now be easily and effortlessly clean!

2. Prevent Dirt Build-up

If you do it regularly, housework need never become overwhelming. And quick action on a spot, stain or mark will solve little dirt problems fast and save further effort.

3.  Use Better Cleaning Tools

Many people have swapped their harsh chemical cleaners for microfibre brushes, scourers and cloths as effective cleaning tools.

The better and more appropriate your cleaning tools, the less you'll need to use harsh chemical cleaners.

Steel wool is an effective, cheap, all-rounder, and scrubbing brushes are now available with long handles.

Using stronger cleaning tools goes hand in hand with using softer cleaning agents.

4. Try safer alternatives

Harsh and hazardous cleaning products often come in fancy, colourful packaging and are backed up with sophisticated adverts, which means you pay more.

Alternatives such as bicarbonate soda, whitee vinegar, lemon juice and better cleaning tools are simple ways to save cash.

5. Experiment with less

Try using less of a cleaning product for your cleaning tasks.

It's in the best interests of cleaner manufacturers to advise the amount of cleaning product to use. Experiment with half the recommended amount and you'll not only save money but will reduce the amount of chemicals you and your family are exposed to every day.

6. Give cleaners more time to work

If chemical cleaners are given more time to do the job you will need to use even less of them.

  • soak pots and plates in the sink
  • if clothes are really dirty, rub them with soap and soak before washing
  • soak stains on porcelain and laminex
  • soak the toilet bowl
  • leave mould and oven cleaners on overnight.

For more information go to the Safer Solutions Cleaning guide


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