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Tash MortonTash Morton is a young householder with two young children in Ballina NSW. For Tash, using safe cleaning products is nothing new.

I've used only low-toxicity cleaning products for more then 13 years now and I find they work just as well as most other cleaners, however they probably do require more elbow grease!

Other mothers will know that with two young children (aged two and a half years and eight months), keeping the house clean is very important.

Children are constantly on the ground playing and eating things off the floor. So, it's reassuring to know that the things they play with and put in their mouth are not contaminated with dangerous chemicals. Being environmentally safe means you are looking after their future as well.   

To keep the house clean I use cleaning vinegar, bicarb soda and lemon juice for surface cleaning. I add a little tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and/or lavendar oil when cleaning bathroom, timber floors and clothes. The oils work well as disinfectants and have the bonus of making the house smell great.

Although cleaning the oven is a challenge, I refuse to buy hydrocarbon-propelled cleaners. I'd rather have a slightly dirty oven and keep the food for my family clean from chemicals.

Because I already felt strongly about using toxin-free products it wasn't difficult to change from conventional cleaning products to safer types.

A couple tips about safe cleaning products: buy bicarbonate of soda in bulk as you use quite a bit when you use it for cleaning... and be prepared to put your weight behind the scrubbing brush.     

Try using different essential oils - lavendar, tea tree and lemongrass smell great.

Living in a toxic free home is the safest option for your children and their environment.

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