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Kids in Garden Gardening is one of Australia's most popular recreational activities. However, in dealing with insect pests and plant diseases in the home garden we can come in contact with some potent chemicals. Commercial chemical sprays, liquids and powders might seem an easy solution to insect pests and diseases, however they may contain toxic chemicals which are harmful to the health of the home gardener, their family and even their pets. These chemicals donít always discriminate between the good bugs and the bad and contribute to the pollution of our waterways and soils.

Organic gardening is easy

For home gardeners, organic growing is low-cost and safe. Organic growing avoids the possibility of gardeners exposing themselves and their families to the harmful chemicals found in many synthetic chemical pesticides, fertilisers, fungicides and herbicides.

Jerry Coleby-WilliamsJerry Coleby-Williams

Safer Solutions is very pleased to announce that one of Australia's leading organic gardening experts and Gardening Australia host, Jerry Coleby-Williams, has joined our team.

Articles By Jerry: 

Want a garden just like Jerry's? Visit his website.

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