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For DIY Renovators 

DIY More people are renovating their houses then ever before and many are opting to do it themselves. With the Do-It-Yourself market booming manufacturers have been quick to develop numerous DIY products and information targeted specifically for the home renovator.

Choosing the safest products and materials can however be a baffling process. By focussing on DIY home renovations the Safer Solutions project aims to help home renovators understand the impacts of chemical pollution indoors and to help you choose safer products and materials to protect your families health.

Safer Solutions for your renovation project

Popular renovations such as nurseries, kitchens and bathrooms, all potentially introduce harmful chemical pollutants into your living space such as volatile organic chemicals found in glues, paints, sealants, carpets, and furnishings. Itís a sad fact that this generation of children have more chemical pollution in their bodies than their grandparents. A great deal of this pollution results from exposure to chemicals in the home. Careful selection of materials and products with low-emissions can result in a cleaner home environment. Itís also logical that whatís better for us is also better for the environment.

If you are planning pregnancy, are already pregnant, have children or someone in the family with asthma, then it is important you choose Safer Solutions when you renovate.

Over the coming months we will feature DIY renovation information to answer your commonly asked questions about products and materials and the chemicals they contain. Weíll provide a guide to choosing safer products and materials for popular renovation projects and showcase case studies of greenovation projects, which have succeeded in reducing hazardous chemicals in and around the home.

Download the Safer Solutions Guide for Renovations here  [PDF 892k]

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