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Here's some useful websites that can help you find safer solutions for your family...

General information

Our Environment - It's a Living Thing

The NSW Environmental Trust's website where you can find plenty of useful information on making your lifestyle more sustainable and cleaner.

See also tips on chemicals in the home and reducing your waste

Australian Conservation Foundation Greenhome program

A community education program, Greenhome educates householders in all aspects of sustainable living. It's a great program for people who want to make a difference by taking action in their own home.

Download the Greenhome manual [pdf]

Bicarbonate of soda All about bicarbonate of soda from manufacturer, Ward McKenzie

United Nations Environment Program A resource on sustainable consumption and production.

SDN Children’s Services Inc Childcare centre management.

Sustainable Living Directory online consumer guide

Health services and information

Health Insite

Government gateway to health information.

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick

A-Z of children’s illnesses.

Children's health and safety


National Parent Information Network

Playgroups NSW

Sydney’s Child

Checnet Child safety in the home

Healthy Kids website

Raising Children website

Early Childhood Australia

Motherinc Information on services, events and products for new mothers.

Parenting NSW

Directory of baby services

Kidsafe NSW

Children’s Health Development Foundation

National Asthma Campaign

Care for Kids Referrals for childcare centres etc, also useful to carers.

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Find out why your children need to be especially protected from common chemicals found in and around the home.

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