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Image Observation shows that cockroaches like to gather together in cracks and crevices, warm dark places, and any areas where there’s water and food scraps. Kitchens are their favourite place along with bathrooms and laundries. Anyone with a dishwasher will know it’s the perfect five star cockroach hotel.

Managing cockroaches (big and small):

  • Thorough inspection and location of cockroach hideouts
  • Identify cockroaches (bigs or smalls)
  • Vacuum major areas of infestation
  • ‘Spring clean’ infested areas (see Green Cleaning )
  • Daily cleanups after cooking
  • Store food items in sealed containers
  • Seal-up all cracks and crevices
  • Put weather strips on doors
  • Install insect screens on windows & doors
  • Fix any leaks
  • Empty refrigerator drip trays
  • Leave room for ventilation around heat-producing appliances such as toasters, juicers, refrigerators, stoves
  • Put non-chemical sticky traps* in cupboards, on benches, behind electrical goods, inside the dishwasher when not in use
  • Apply spot treatments for heavy infestations with low hazard products such as pyrethrum or permethrin
  • If you choose to use a pest management company* make sure you ask for an integrated treatment using low hazards methods and products such as insect growth regulator (IGR) baits

* Non-chemical sticky traps have a glue board and a food attractant tablet to lure cockroaches inside where they get stuck. Unfortunately other creatures like skinks and spiders can also get caught as they go in after the cockroaches.  Avoid putting sticky traps on the floor or in areas where you see skinks.

Sticky taps are available from eco and health food shops. Buy sticky traps online at or

* For free DIY information on all household pests see

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