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Living with spiders Australia is home to some venomous spiders like funnel webs and red backs, which must be avoided, but many spiders are harmless and play a beneficial role in the environment.

Our fear of spiders often leads to their demise. They get whacked with a rolled-up newspaper or magazine, when putting them outside could easily solve the problem. Identification is the key here.

Putting pesticides around the house wonít make spiders go away. In fact, itís very unlikely to kill them and it also gives you a false sense of security. Youíre far more likely to meet with an aggressive spider after a pesticide treatment, because it disturbs them and makes them wander around.

Chemical pesticides kill and injure other creatures like worms and bees, making them easy prey for birds and geckos, which are in turn poisoned by pesticides. Spiders are largely nocturnal and play an important role in keeping insects like mosquitoes in check. A huntsman spider left inside will eat cockroaches while you sleep!

Spider management:

  • Identify spiders (see Australian Museum )
  • Remove webs and egg sacs with a broom or vacuum cleaner
  • Re-locate harmless spiders found inside
  • Always wear boots and gloves in the garden
  • Shake out shoes and items left outside before use
  • Always wear shoes outside in the evening
  • Cover sand pits at night
  • Be cautious of spiders which have fallen into pools
  • Put weather strips on doors
  • Put insect screens on windows
  • Take extra care after long periods of rain, during earthworks or pesticide applications nearby
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