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Fleas use your pets as a source of food (blood) and to hitch a free ride around the house and garden.  Adult fleas lay their eggs on ‘fluffy’, which then hatch into larvae and fall off into the surroundings like carpets, cracks in floorboards, soft furniture and in the garden.

The larvae then feed on human skin, hair and dust and after about fourteen days turn into pupae - remember your school biology?. Pupae can also lay dormant for months, but warmth and high humidity promote their emergence and the lifecycle then starts again.

Flea populations can rise rapidly under the right conditions and cause a lot of distress all round. The key to controlling fleas is breaking the life cycle.  If you manage fleas on your pet and have a good vacuuming programme, you should be able to keep flea numbers down without applying chemical pesticides around the house.

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