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pet care Fleas are generally more of a problem over the warmer months of the year, so be sure to start your flea programme early before the really warm weather begins. This is very important if your pet has a flea allergy because even small numbers of fleas causes them a lot of distress.

Low-hazard flea management:

  • Fine ‘flea combs’ are useful to remove adults and eggs. Dip comb into hot soapy water or vinegar to remove them and then pour down the drain
  • Herbal rinses, shampoos, soaps and collars with ti-tree, pennyroyal, citronella and eucalyptus oils can be useful over the flea season
  • Regularly wash and air pet bedding and toys (once a week during summer)
  • Find out about the flea programme of any other pets your pet visits to make sure yours is not being re-infested
  • For small flea numbers, pick them off during a bath and drop into hot soapy water or vinegar
  • If you choose to use an insecticidal flea product, make sure you do your research and choose the least hazardous option for your pet and situation. Always combine treatment of your pet with a programme for the house to limit re-infestation (see Fleas around the home )
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