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If you manage fleas on your pet, then you should be able to successfully deal with fleas inside your home without using pesticides. If you donít have pets, but have a flea problem perhaps because the previous occupants had pets, then you should be able to permanently resolve flea problems without using pesticides.

Low-hazard indoor flea management:


Vacuuming is the number one non-chemical method for killing fleas and breaking their lifecycle. If you donít have a good vacuum cleaner itís worth investing in one with good sucking power and good quality filters.

Indoor low-hazard management

  • If there are large numbers of fleas, daily vacuuming is required, for smaller numbers every second/third day.
  • Vacuuming should continue for between seven to fourteen days (to break the life-cycle) and will remove most adults, larvae, flea eggs and pupae
  • Vacuum thoroughly, including under furniture, along cracks in floorboards, room perimeters, furniture and areas where pets frequent
  • Empty the vacuum cleaner each time you vacuum and place contents into a garbage bag with a seal


Exterior areas such as entrance ways, decks and verandas can also be managed with a vacuuming program.  Significant flea problems in soil or sand are however difficult to control without the use of pesticides.

Outdoor management:

  • Seal off subfloor areas if possible so theyíre not accessible to pets
  • If treatment is required only apply pesticides to areas where fleas have been observed
  • Ensure you inquire about the hazards of any pesticide to be applied to outside soil /sand as it may leave residues and kill other creatures
  • Restrict children and pets from treated areas
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