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frequent fliers Flies and mossies are a part of the ‘great Australian outdoors’ but they have been known to wreck a BBQ and prevent a good night’s sleep. Luckily they are usually only a problem over the warmer months.

One of the greatest uses of pesticides indoors is against frequent flyers in the form of ‘fly sprays’, ‘plug-ins’ and new wall-mounted units* which indiscriminately emit pesticides and other chemicals into the air, leaving residues on internal surfaces and polluting indoor air.

* Warning ’Air Guard Konk’ is one wall unit currently being promoted for flying insect control in the home. Despite being promoted as’ safe around food, pets and kids’ the main ingredients in the product are in fact the extremely flammable propellents isobutane and propane. The pyrethrin in the product is only 0-1% of the total ingredients. According to the manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) inhalation of the product may cause “Irritation of upper respiratory tract. May also cause nausea, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and loss of co-ordination. Inhalation of high concentration may lead to hallucinations, pulmonary oedema, impaired consciousness and possible narcosis”.

Low-hazard fly management:

  • Install insect screens on windows and doors
  • Use herbal personal insect repellents
  • Cover food indoors
  • Keep compost covered
  • Use sticky fly paper and non-chemical attractant fly traps*
  • Fly swats

Low-hazard mozzie management:

  • Install insect screens on windows and doors
  • Use a mozzie net to sleep under (cotton ones are cooler)
  • Wear long sleeves and pants outside in the evening
  • Use herbal personal insect repellent
  • Limit breeding areas outside eg buckets, wheel barrows, children’s toys
  • Use herbal (eg citronella, eucalyptus, sandalwood) repellent incense* and candles

*Buy non-chemical flytraps and herbal insect repellents online or

*Australian New Mountain Sandalwood Sticks for mosquito protection are widely available from eco and health food stores, supermarkets and hardware stores or buy online at

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