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Natural GardeningJerry Coleby-Williams one of Australia’s leading gardening experts, has now lent his support to the Total Environment Centre’s Safer Solutions website, by providing valuable content for gardeners who want to eliminate hazardous pesticides from their gardens.

Jerry said, “The consequences of industrial chemical use, like pesticides on human, animal, and environmental health are poorly understood.  Evidence continues to mount that even limited exposure to residues from pesticides registered for use and applied at legally permitted rates can have harmful effects.”

The Safer Solutions gardening component outlines how gardeners can effectively build and maintain safe, healthy, and productive gardens without the use of pesticides.

“The foundation for all healthy plants is healthy soil,” said Jerry, “ gardeners who want to eliminate pesticides from the garden must first start with nourishing the soil.”

The Safer Solutions website was launched late last year.  The site has been created as a resource to help educate the community about the dangers of hazardous household chemicals in and around the home.  The use of chemicals in the home is of particular concern for young children and babies who ingest soil for example, and who do not have fully developed immune systems to protect them from the dangers of untested chemicals.

Safer Solutions spokesperson Jo Immig, said, “The rapid increase in chronic childhood illnesses such as asthma, allergies, chemical sensitivities, and behavioral disorders, as well as increases in childhood cancers, is leading researchers to ask questions about the safety of some chemicals in the marketplace."

The new gardening component of the Safer Solutions website contains information that includes:  FAQs, how to choose the right plants; substituting pesticides with organic remedies; and A-Z of Chemicals in the Home.



Jerry Coleby-Williams SPROUT AWARDS

Jerry Coleby-Williams presented at the NSW Early Childhood Environmental Education Network’s Sustainable Projects Recognizing Outstanding Practice Awards, on: Wednesday 28th February, at The Point Pre-School, Oyster Bay. The awards recognise outstanding commitment to promoting environmental best practice and sustainability. 


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