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Easy GuideProduct labels are dense with chemical listings that mean nothing to most people.  The Total Environment Centre (TEC) today released The Easy Guide, designed to help consumers make more informed choices about hazardous chemicals to avoid, and provide safer, effective options.

The Easy Guide addresses four main areas:  cleaning, household, pest control and personal care.  The guide highlights the most common chemicals found in everyday use, and offers corresponding safer solutions.

Scientist, Jo Immig, Safer Solutions spokesperson, said, “Our research confirms that the community is concerned about household chemicals and their impacts on children and the environment, but most people don’t have the know-how or time to research the large numbers of chemicals found in everyday products we bring into our homes.

“The rapid increase in chronic childhood illnesses such as asthma, allergies, chemical sensitivities and behavioral disorders, as well as increases in childhood cancers, is leading researchers to ask questions about the safety of some chemicals in the marketplace.”

The Easy Guide which is available as a free download from highlights common chemicals like Phthalates: found in PVC, some toys, dummies, deodorants and hair spray;  Bisphenol A: found in some tin can linings, baby bottles and micro-wave ovenware; Formaldehyde: found in shampoo, mouthwash and bubble bath.  The options can be as simple as switching to silicone-based toys, using stainless steel, glass or enamel cookware, and changing to plant-based natural personal care products.

The Safer Solutions website was launched last year and addresses three key areas:  the home, garden and DIY.  The resource is a key component of a collaborative education project between TEC and the NSW Environmental Trust, which addresses the growing concern over exposure to hazardous chemicals in the home, and impacts on children’s health and the environment.

For further information contact:   
Deb Cooke: (02) 9261 3437 (Weds/Fridays) or Morag White: 0411 879 016
For interviews contact the Safer Solutions spokesperson:
Ms Jo Immig   
P: (02) 6687 1900 (h/w) 

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