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Bicarb of Soda We asked YOU for innovative, safe, green cleaning tips and recipes that have been road-tested by you, are easy to use and will encourage others to take up safer cleaning solutions. To all of you who sent in your ideas a very big ‘Thank you’!

Read on to learn about green cleaning with everything from lavender oil to bicarbonate soda and a bit of good old fashioned elbow grease.

Top Five Green Cleaning Tips

  1. Microfibre clothDan on elbow grease:
    “My tip for green cleaning is a tried and true method but not very popular with our society of convenience. It’s called ELBOW GREASE”.
  2. Nathan’s many uses for bicarbonate soda:
    “I use bicarb soda straight on the toothbrush (no sodium lauryl phosphate!), on bench tops, toilet bowls, in the kitchen sink. I have never looked back and enjoy cleaning now, knowing I make ecochoices when I can! ... and I try bicarb soda on anything (a mild solution even brings up the stainless!)”
  3. Leisha’s little tip for cleaning silver:
    “Put hot water and a teaspoon of bicarb (or any salt) into an aluminium bowl (or pan). Place the silver item into the bowl and the tarnish will be magnetized away. If it doesn't work too well, you should be able to rub off the tarnish with a rag. If you don't have an aluminium vessel, you can use any vessel and place some aluminium in the vessel (e.g. aluminium foil) and this will magnetise the tarnish off”.
  4. Clare’s easy paint brush cleaning:
    “When painting over a few days (with the same paint) DON’T clean your brush (or roller) when finished at the end of the day, instead put it in a plastic bag and place in the freezer overnight (this works for oil and water based paints). When you finish the job put the water used into large trays and place outside to evaporate. Roller trays can be lined with a plastic bag to save cleaning and they can also be stored covered overnight (instead of emptying and starting fresh each day)”. 
  5. lemonsNicole’s relaxing lavender cleaning:
    “I put a few drops of lavender oil in the bathroom sink, and then run some hot water on it. This disinfects the sink, but also creates a lovely and relaxing lavender steam. When you place a few drops in the shower before you get in for your (timed) 2 min shower, the hot water again releases the scent in the steam and it feels like you're in a day spa! It’s a nice way to unwind from a day at work”.
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