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Preschool The staff at Point Preschool in Oyster Bay have said farewell to chemical cleaning and are finding their green cleaning approach has a whole host of benefits.

The cleaning of bathrooms, tables and floors amounts to a daily regime at preschools. Childcare worker at the Point Preschool, Lisa Moore said: “Cleaning on a daily basis amounts to a lot of chemicals. We moved away from chemical cleaning because there are such good alternatives available like eucalyptus oil, vinegar and bicarbonate soda. They might require a bit more elbow grease but we know where they come from and we know they’re natural.”

Ms Moore also believes that over her thirteen years as a childcare worker she has witnessed an increasing number of children presenting with conditions such as eczema and asthma. “We know that children are more vulnerable to chemical exposure and more and more research is showing that childhood illness may well be linked to this so anything we can do to reduce the use of chemicals we won’t hesitate to do”, she said.

When it comes to green cleaning the staff at Point Preschool takes the approach that education through everyday examples works well. “One important benefit of green cleaning is that the children can help with the cleaning and this simply was not the case when we were using chemical products. We hope that by exposing children to green cleaning at school this behaviour will become the norm,” said Ms Moore.

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