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Sleep experts recommend that people should spend one-third of their lives sleeping!  Most of us know that the quality of our mattress plays an important role in getting a good night’s sleep.

When selecting a mattress cost, comfort and durability are the factors most of us take into account but how many of us consider the chemicals that may be emitted from the mattress and the effects they have on our personal health?

Mattress manufacturers often appeal to consumers with guarantees for the best sleeping comfort. Others even claim that individual body types require unique mattress composition or configuration. However, in selling the comfort of the product, many manufacturers neglect to mention the impact that the materials may have on the air you breathe.

Many commercial mattresses are manufactured using polyurethane, synthetic fabrics, chemical fire retardants, toxic dyes, formaldehyde and stain-resistant chemicals.These chemicals are out-gassed over time, and can expose skin and lungs to potentially toxic substances, causing allergic reactions and other health problems…

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