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Australians are great renovators - in fact, over 50% of homeowners will renovate their homes at some stage. As we make our homes more comfortable we are spending more and more time indoors.

The air inside our home is often more polluted than the air outdoors and during building and renovating high levels of chemicals can be introduced from building materials, new furnishings, floor coverings and paints. Keeping your family safe and healthy during home renovations is an important concern. The Total Environment Centre has developed the Safer Solutions for Safer Renovations guide to help you make better decisions when renovating.

Download the guide here [PDF 892k] for the latest information on:
 Guide cover
  • Improving the quality of the air inside your home
  • Selecting safer products
  • Getting the most out of natural materials
  • Creating a natural nursery
  • Greenovating your kitchen and bathroom
  • Where to find safe and healthy products and good  greenovation advice
Download the guide



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