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How to use this resource

This flexible learning resource has been produced to assist community education on hazardous household chemicals. It is hoped that the resource will be used by:

  • Professional educators working in sectors with an interest in environment, health and safety and children’s wellbeing, such as council environmental educators, community health workers and child care workers; and
  • Interested parents and carers of young children wanting to inform their peers on ways to reduce their family’s exposure to hazardous chemicals.

The Safer Solutions community education program has been developed by Total Environment Centre (TEC) in association with the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC). The program has been funded by the NSW Government’s Environmental Trust.

About this resource

This flexible learning resource has been designed to provide learners and educators with the tools to conduct hazardous chemicals in the home workshops that are adaptable to differing community needs. There are three parts:

Part 1How to use this package describes the background to the Safer Solutions project and explains how this resource can be adapted to differing community and/or education requirements.

Part 2 Generic learning resources including content and workshop activities in four community-based learning modules, plus a module on evaluation.

Part 3 Handouts and resources provides information and resources on specific topics for educators and participants of the workshops.


The content presented in workshops and publications provided by Safer Solutions has been checked against official publications, reference books on toxicology and chemical hazards, and recent scientific literature and is current. However, over time, users are reminded of the need to check the currency of the information with the appropriate authorities should they hold any concerns. Total Environment Centre accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for, or in respect of, any use or reliance upon the workshop or related publications by any party.

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Workshop Resources

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A3 Home Floor Plan
Domestos Ad
Louie the Fly & Friends
Mr Clean picture
Chlorpyrifos label
Domestos and Homebrand Caustic Oven Cleaner
A3 poster, Know where it Goes
IPM Risk Ladder
A4 picture of ladder

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