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Safer Solutions was funded by a grant from the NSW Environmental Trust. This initiative brings together Total Environment Centre, Australian Conservation Foundation, Nature Conservation Council of NSW, NSW Council of Social Services, the Department of Water and Energy and Department of Environment and Climate Change to create an integrated and collaborative education program promoting sustainable living in NSW.

Our Environment itís a Living Thing is the NSW Governmentís environmental education program aimed at improving the environment by educating and motivating the people of NSW to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. The program encourages people to make small but important changes in their everyday behaviour which will benefit both the local and global environment. It acknowledges the importance of meeting current needs while not reducing the quality of life for future generations.

Aims and objectives of the Safer Solutions project

Safer Solutions is focussed on three key areas of chemical usage and exposure in and around the home: in the home, in the garden and for home renovations. Safer Solutions is primarily targeted at the parents and carers of young children (0-8 years).

The aim of Safer Solutions is:

To raise the level of knowledge and awareness of the environmental, health and safety risks of household chemicals; demonstrate skills and practices on safer alternatives; encourage the community to change their behaviour and practices; and influence others for better chemical management in Australia.

The objectives of Safer Solutions are to:

  1. Increase the communityís knowledge and awareness of hazardous chemicals in and around the home.
  2. Provide information that is credible, accessible and easily understood.
  3. Develop understanding of the potential impacts of chemicals on human health and the environment; pathways to chemical exposure; and the particular vulnerability of children and other sensitive groups within the community (for e.g. those with asthma, allergies etc).
  4. Encourage new household cleaning practices by presenting viable alternative solutions.
  5. Alter the perception that safer alternatives are more expensive and inferior by highlighting the long term benefits of using these products.
  6. Stimulate interest and action from individuals, community groups and governments that leads to reduced exposure to hazardous chemicals found in common household products and materials.
  7. Develop partnerships with businesses, governments, non-government organisations and community members that facilitate the delivery and dissemination of program messages.
  8. Establish and promote the Safer Solutions website as a primary source of reliable information on household chemicals and their safer alternatives.

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