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This resource has been developed to assist presenters and facilitators of environmental education, childcare trainers and community health workers in presenting workshops and information on hazardous chemicals in the home. It has been produced to act as both a knowledge resource and to provide adult learning material suitable for application in education and training programs. Each module is independent of each other and it is the intention that educators pick and choose the most relevant information and resources for their audience.

Who can use this resource

This resource has been designed for use by anyone delivering education and training, but, in particular:

Environmental educators

The training modules can be used for community environmental workshops or in association with other environmental education programs. The material could also form the basis for a train-the-trainer program for community volunteers (for example).

Childcare workers and managers

The training modules can be used to assist childcare workers and managers to develop workshops with staff and parents about the use of hazardous chemicals at work and in the home. This resource can assist childcare centres with their accreditation programs.

Community health workers

The training modules can be used to increase the knowledge and skills of community health workers about hazardous chemicals in the home. The learning materials can also be used by parents and carers of young children in early childhood centres, playgroups, mothers clubs etc.

Resource format and content

This education resource consists of four modules to enable learners to:

  • Understand the issues associated with marketing and advertising of chemicals and how these affect our choice and use of chemicals around the home.
  • Develop their knowledge about the environmental and potential health effects of exposure to hazardous household chemicals and to feel confident to speak about these issues to friends, family and workmates.
  • Understand and demonstrate how to reduce household chemical usage through an integrated pest management strategy in the home.
  • Understand and demonstrate how to implement a natural cleaning strategy that reduces reliance on hazardous chemicals.

The fifth module provides information to assist educators in the evaluation of their workshops.

The five modules consist of learning materials and handouts. Each module has been developed so it can be used on its own or as part of a more extensive education program. Educators are therefore encouraged to use these materials and apply them flexibly to their education program requirements.

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