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Learning Modules

This section contains information on a number of topics concerning hazardous chemicals in the home plus resources, handouts, ideas and suggestions for running a successful workshop.

About the modules

The resource has 5 modules. The first four modules provide learning resources for education workshops on a range of topics relating to hazardous chemicals found in and around the home. The fifth module provides guidance and resources to enable educators to evaluate the workshops they conduct.

Each learning module has been developed to the following format:

  • Establish the learning outcomes for participants
  • Provide background information and further reading
  • Outline workshop activities
  • List workshop resources

Module 1 What the commercials donít tell you. Understanding the role of advertising and marketing in household chemical purchasing.
Module 2 The ABC of hazardous chemicals: regulation, environmental and health effects, and understanding exposure pathways.
Module 3 Safer pest control
Module 4 Natural cleaning
Module 5 How to evaluate the workshops

Download the workshop checklist

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Workshop Resources

Workshop checklist
A3 Home Floor Plan
Domestos Ad
Louie the Fly & Friends
Mr Clean picture
Chlorpyrifos label
Domestos and Homebrand Caustic Oven Cleaner
A3 poster, Know where it Goes
IPM Risk Ladder
A4 picture of ladder

...more resources