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Rick & kids When Rick Roberts, founder of The Natural Paint Place, had children it changed his life in a way he never expected.

“Having children inspired me to want to do something to help our environment. I initially started the business as soon as my first child was born and I left a secure job because I felt like I needed to do something to send the right message to my children,” said Rick.

The Natural Paint Place has been trading since July 2001 and provides non-toxic plant based decorating products for homes and businesses. The business tries to provide the most environmentally responsible products that are safe for our health while protecting our native environment. All of the products are made from plants and minerals and do not contain nasty toxic solvents.

“The biggest barrier we face is the fact most people are not aware of natural paints but when they find them they use them.  Or they think natural paints are "hippy paints” made from flowers and may not last, or they think they are too expensive.

“However, once they realise that Bio Paint was rated by Choice Magazine as one of the top three performing paints in Australia and only costs around 15-20% more, they do buy them,” said Rick.

A number of Rick’s customers are people who have a chemical sensitivity (est.15 - 20% of the population), pregnant women or people with children who have allergies.

“In the last 12 months or so we have attracted many more customers who are interested for environmental reasons as well as health reasons.

”For expecting parents, decorating the nursery is always high on the agenda however, getting the right information on products to use before renovating is essential.

“I would advise pregnant women to ask for MSDSs (Material Safety Data Sheets) and insist on comprehensive ingredients lists so they can see what is in the paint. I would also suggest that they use Plant Based Paints with zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).”

The Natural Paint Shop provides products that do not contain Polyurethane, Cadmium, Chromates, Lead Chromates, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Glycols or other toxic solvents.  Their products do contain Plant Oils and Resins, Essential Oils, Talc, White Earth Pigments, China Clay, Iron Oxides, Metal Pigments and Lemon Peel Oil.

Natural Paints last as long as or even longer than synthetic paints. There is no evidence to suggest they won't last as long, in fact most of the evidence suggests it will last longer. (See Choice Magazine, December 2004)

“Plant Based Paints are better for our environment (no hazardous waste created during manufacture) safer to transport, safer for the applicator and safer for those living in the home or working in the office where it is used,” said Rick.

For more information on natural paints and other home decorating products go to The Natural Paint Place.

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