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Image "Household Hazards: Potential Hazards of Home Cleaning Products" is a new report by Women's Voices for the Earth, a national US women's environmental health and justice group based in Montana, which examines 5 types of chemicals commonly found in household cleaners. These five chemicals are of concern to women and children especially, as they are linked to increases in either asthma or reproductive harm such as birth defects or fertility problems.

The report draws from over 75 scientific studies and reports highlighting the links between these chemicals and health impacts. WVE's report and the Safe Cleaning Products Initiative are intended to reduce human exposure to toxic chemicals known or suspected to present a health risk; promote safer alternatives and precautionary policies; highlight the need for additional research; and increase consumers' access to important product safety information. Current U.S. law does not require manufacturers to disclose ingredients in household cleaning products, nor does it require any testing of these chemicals to assess potential health hazards.

The 27 page report, along with an appendix listing common cleaning products containing these chemicals, as well as several informative fact sheets can be downloaded at

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