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How does Bicarbonate of Soda work to lift dirt and grime from surfaces? PDF Print E-mail


Bicarbonate of Soda is made up of two chemicals; sodium and bicarbonate. When sodium bicarbonate comes in contact with water it does two things:

  1. forms a weak alkaline solution that can dissolve greasy stains and dirt
  2. lifts stubborn dirt as it dissolves from a solid form into water and carbon dioxide.

Bicarbonate of Soda:

  • is non-toxic
  • does not leave hazardous residues on surfaces
  • is used in cooking and can be found on the cake ingredients shelf in supermarkets.

Bicarbonate of Soda can be used:

  • in the kitchen and laundry as a general cleaner for ovens (including microwaves), scouring dishes and as a general scourer, cleaning surfaces, cleaning silver, unblocking drains (one tablespoon bicarbonate of soda in half a cup of white vinegar; allow to effervence then pour into sink with a kettle of boiling water; leave for two hours)
  • in the laundry and bathroom as a cleaner for surfaces, toilets (pour into bowl - improves septic systems by improving acidity for sewage digestion), brushing teeth (Source: Ward McKenzie, Altona,Victoria)
  • in cooking.  

Handy Hint: To avoid bacteria building up after using the bicarbonate of soda on any surface, wipe with a dry cloth .

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