Will ‘green’ products cost me more?

Ideally green products should cost you less while polluting and hazardous ones should cost more, but because green products are often made by smaller, local companies who have to compete with large multi-national corporations and mass-produced products made cheaply overseas, some may initially cost you more. In the long-term green products may turn out to ‘cost less’ because they are kinder to our health and the environment.

Consider these factors when comparing products and prices:

  • Green products may be more durable and longer lasting so ultimately save you time and money.
  • Green products may be more concentrated, or in the case of some eco paints and sealants, have higher coverage rates so you use less product.
  • Green products may be easier to use because they don’t need expensive protective equipment.
  • Green products may save time and money because they don’t have special clean-up requirements.
  • Green products may be easier to re-use and recycle.
  • Green products save you time because they don’t require as much ventilation time for toxic chemicals to dissipate.

Remember when you’re comparing prices you may be comparing apples with oranges. Beware of the trap that cheaper products often have ‘hidden’ costs in terms of their impacts to your health and the environment, which, ultimately we all pay the price for.